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construction plan drafting services > for building departments, building permits, and other agency review requirements


How can a set of building plans save you thousands of dollars and months of agony?


The difference between receiving your building permit and waiting for your building permit is often a function of the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the plan set.​ A complete, cohesive, easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand set of building plans makes everyone's life easier - you, the plan checker at the building department, your building contractor, the sub-contractors, etc.

MASTRIDICASA works with some of the area's most talented builders, civil, structural, mechanical, geotechnical engineers, planners, landscape architects and Title 24 Energy consultants as required to produce the most complete and highest quality 2019 Building Code / Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) / Green Building / Tahoe Regional Planning Agency  (TRPA) compliant plan sets - specific for your project and building department.

Get through your building department and agency review process quicker, and receive your building permit sooner, with a better set of construction plans from MASTRIDICASA.

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