DIY Floor Plans Designed By Owner

DIY Home Design:

Designing your space yourself...

...correctly, to code - because you know what?

You CAN do it

None of this information provided is meant to supersede your local building codes or mandatory regulations that apply to your project, of any nature, scope, or anything. This is provided as a jumping off point for adventurous individuals with the desire to do things for themselves.

Consult your local building department for their list of building codes, zoning regulations, local ordinances and other governing documents and agencies they adhere to, what they expect to see on plans, what work they expect to be permitted, etc etc etc.

This is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. This is the entrance ramp to the design freeway, this is what you pay someone else to know - enter at your own risk! Like anything with life.

BUILDING CODES FOR UNITED STATES - click "find your codes" on this website and you'll see building codes for many of these United States of America


Closet lighting specs?

They regulate lighting in closets?


How far can you float something off the side?

Minimum toilet space?

How far in front and to the sides do you need?

Shower design?

What size door opening? How high of a curb? Minimum slope to drain?

T24 Items?

Does your project need them? What's T24?

Sleeping Areas...

Minimum room dimensions and ceiling heights? Egress? Natural light + ventilation? 


How wide? How many outlets? Lighting controls required?

If you want to design your space yourself...

Save your architect, designer, or engineer some time by designing it closer to "code compliant" the first time....

Here's how!

(mouse over over image for more)

Green Code Fixtures?

Does your project require plumbing fixtures that conserve water?

Door sizes?

What sizes are minimum? Do they need to be tempered glass? How do you "note" them properly on plans?

Room to walk?

How much room should you leave?

Percentage glazing on south side?

How much glass area can you have on each side of the house?

Structural Engineering?

What's the best way to build this?

(That's not up to you - but you need to keep it in mind when you're dreaming of open space designs)