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MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design

Juniper Hills Truckee
17259 Residential Addition Design

Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Residential Designer Building Permit Construction House Plans CAD Drafting Sustainable Design Build Eco-friendly Energy Efficient Green Building Low Carbon Footprint

The homeowner hired MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design to expand their beautiful post and beam 1,500+ square foot, two bedroom, two and a half bath residence to include more storage, an office, a proper guest bedroom and en-suite - all while capitalizing on the million dollar view to the north looking out over Bronco Creek and Floriston Pass.

Through the design development stage, it became apparent what the owner really wanted - a wall of glass that brought the entire view and sky into the new addition. Solar studies, seen below, were employed to carefully determine the proper amount of roof overhang to allow the winter sun in, and keep the hot summer sun out as much as possible. With the help of the structural engineers and the T24 consultant, the design-vision was realized with a minimum of steel and structural retrofitting required, all the while keeping the construction budget intact.

Under construction as of May 2023...

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