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As-Built Structure Measuring Services

Your Design Project Measured + Digitally Modeled

Measuring + Mapping + Drafting of existing structures and site features

MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design performs comprehensive as-built / structure survey measuring (as-builts) that provide accurate and reliable measurements of most existing buildings - whether a house, condominium, apartment, or detached / accessory building.


Field measurements can then be translated into 3D models, standardized digital architectural CAD drawings, and hardcopy (paper) house plan sets.

MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design can provide complete or partial portions of your space per your request.

All horizontal and vertical components are measured, including foundations, crawlspaces, basements, attics, roofs and overhangs, exposed and visible structural  elements and assemblies, space conditioning appliances, plumbing locations, utility service locations, and any other pertinent features. Lighting and electrical locations can be located for additional charges.

Most single-family residential structures can be "as-builted" in a day or two depending on the square footage and complexity of the layout and construction. Digital floor plans are then derived, and 3D modeled in a day to a week depending on the complexity of the structure. 

Get in touch today with MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Services today to find out how quickly your project as-built plans can be delivered, and get you on your way designing it, planning it, and most importantly - building it.

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