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Building Permit Plan Drafting
Construction Document Preparation

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Superior building permit construction plans...

How can an ordinary set of building plans / construction documents save you thousands and thousands of dollars and months of agony?

There is nothing "ordinary" about a set of building plans from MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design - these are true works of technical art.

After spending decades as a member of the field crews and personnel on the ground, the experience has taught many valuable lessons - one of which is how important a thorough, concise, organized set of plans can make or break your efficiency and decision making abilities. When time is money and there are a dozen contractors standing around wondering "what's next?", it pays to have the best set of building plans you can get.


MASTRIDICASA's plan sets are renowned for their quality and ease of use - from the agency review at the building department level, to estimators in the offices, all the way to the sub-contractors using them in the field.

Truckee Lake Tahoe City Architect Residential Designer Building Permit Construction House
Architect Lake Tahoe City Truckee Client Review for MASTRIDICASA Architecture Design Studio


First off - wow! This has to be the most complete and detailed set of residential permit plans I have ever seen!

MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design really knows their stuff. This kind of professionalism makes the project easier for everybody.

You guys do a great job with your permit plans. I see over a hundred and fifty permit plans each year, from all over the state, and yours really stand out. They are very professional, and very complete.

I spent 40 years designing building systems for residential and commercial buildings and one thing I learned was that the more complete the design drawings, the more money we made and the less problems we had during construction. Nice job.

Gary Welch, Principal
ICC certified CalGreen Special Inspector/Plans Examiner
CalGreen Energy Services
The Calgreen Specialists!

The difference between receiving your building permit and waiting for your building permit is most often a function of the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the construction plans.​ A thorough, accurate, cohesive, easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to understand set of building plans makes everyone's life... for lack of a better term, easier.


MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design works side by side with some of Lake Tahoe-Truckee's most talented builders and contractors, civil, structural, mechanical, and geotechnical engineers, planners, landscape architects and energy consultants, to produce the most complete and highest quality Building Code / Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) / Green Building Code / Energy Code / agency compliant building plan sets - specific for your project's jurisdiction and building department. New construction, remodels, renovations, additions and alterations, accessory dwelling units - no project is too large or too small.

Get through your application and agency review process quicker, receive your building permit faster, and start construction sooner with a better set of building permit plans from MASTRIDICASA Lake Tahoe Truckee Architecture + Design.

Contact MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design today for a free consultation and get your construction started on the right path forward.

Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Residential Designer Building Permit Construction House

Sample Architectural House Plans
New Residential Constructions
(some architectural and structural engineering sheets omitted)

Tahoe Truckee Architect Residential Sustainable Designer
Architect Truckee South Lake Tahoe City Client Review for MASTRIDICASA Architecture Design Studio



​As a five star General Contractor with over $16 million in projects under my belt I can tell you that MASTRIDICASA is a breath of fresh air! He is competent, reliable, and honest. Doug is one of the most serious, and sincere Drafters / Designers I’ve ever worked with. Typically after submitting initial plans to the city for permitting they are returned with multiple corrections. Doesn’t happen with MASTRIDICASA! Saving us money and time, to be sure. The list goes on but here is one important characteristic of Doug - he’s a sensitive listener which in turn encourages design creativity. I highly recommend him and his team for your next project.

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