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MASTRI·DI·CASA (mastrə də 'kazə) n.


consisting of a common variant of mastro, "master, a very good craftsman", and di casa, "of the house"...


...a dynamic, versatile and results driven architectural design and construction document production service, committed to providing an accessible, affordable, personalized design experience for the most discerning and cost conscious consumer, with the highest quality building permit plans and deliverables...



Current Architecture + Design Projects On The Boards...

MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio - located in Tahoe City, and serving the greater Lake Tahoe / Truckee area since 1998 - provides accessible, high-end, cost-effective residential and commercial architectural design services and construction document production, in addition to a wide variety of 3D modeling, ARCHVIZ photo-rendering, as-built measuring and CAD drafting services for homeowners, business owners, building contractors, design professionals and consultants alike.

With an extensive and varied background in architectural, engineering, land surveying and construction spanning the country, combined with a holistic and pragmatic approach to architecture, design and site development, MASTRIDICASA is able to take virtually any architectural or design project from inception to completion - confidently, efficiently, and best of all, affordably.

From the grandest design visions to the simplest remodels, put more than forty years of leading AEC industry experience to work for you by contacting MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio today.

Affordable Residential Architect Alternative Lake Tahoe Tahoe City Truckee New Construction Projects Additions Remodels ADU

Space has always been the spiritual dimension of architecture. It is not the physical statement of the structure as much as what it contains that moves us.   ~Arthur Erickson

Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Designer

"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral..." ~Frank Lloyd Wright

New Construction Remodel Additions Construction Projects Lake Tahoe City Truckee Affordable Residential Architect Alternative Kings Beach

"A house is a machine for living in..." ~Le Corbusier

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​As a five star General Contractor with over $16 million in projects under my belt I can tell you that MASTRIDICASA is a breath of fresh air! He is competent, reliable, and honest. Doug is one of the most serious, and sincere Drafters / Designers I’ve ever worked with. Typically after submitting initial plans to the city for permitting they are returned with multiple corrections. Doesn’t happen with MASTRIDICASA! Saving us money and time, to be sure. The list goes on but here is one important characteristic of Doug - he’s a sensitive listener which in turn encourages design creativity. I highly recommend him and his team for your next project.

Affordable Residential Architect Alternative Lake Tahoe Tahoe City Truckee Remodels Additions New Construction Projects
Lake Tahoe Tahoe City Truckee Custom Residential Architect Alternative Construction Projects

"I can't just decide myself what's being built...

Someone decides what they want, then I work for them..."   ~Frank Gehry

Truckee Tahoe Architect Affordable Residential Designer Alternative Kings beach Tahoe Vista Napa Sonoma Marin San Francisco Sierraville


Get in touch with MASTRIDICASA Lake Tahoe Truckee Architecture + Design Studio today for a free consultation and learn just how accessible and affordable these high-end architectural, design and CAD / building department permit plan drafting services truly are... 

With reasonable turn-around times for most projects, and a commitment to providing the highest value, most personalized, white-glove service for every single client, your satisfaction and cost savings is assured.

Archtect Truckee Lake Tahoe City Affordable Design Residential CAD Drafting Services Architect Alternative Additions Remodels New Construction ADU Photo Rendering

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication..." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

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