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MASTRIDICASA Lake Tahoe Truckee Architecture + Design Studio 

Find out a little bit more about the designer behind MASTRIDICASA


With a dynamic, versatile and results oriented background, proven accomplishments in a variety of challenging surveying, engineering and architectural assignments spanning both coasts, repeatedly demonstrating the ability to step into new situations and contribute quickly - where the need to analyze for opportunity and organize for results combines with time-tested leadership to improve bottom-line performance.

A high energy and motivational team-building personality developed through thirty plus years of hands-on experience with industry leaders, consistently demonstrating an ability to devise creative solutions while remaining systematic in monitoring progress against goals, and the ability to consistently produce the highest-quality product with minimal expenditure of resources.

What follows, is my version of an "About" page...

Truckee Lake Tahoe City Architect Designer Napa Sonoma Building Permit Plan Drafting

Pre-Tahoe Years: ​​Originally from the east coast, north of Manhattan out in the sticks, and raised "old-school" by two very hard working parents. Dad was a US Army veteran who served in Korea, and Mom taught grammar at a local high school. Many a night was spent around the dinner table discussing my father's business - a very successful, renowned, and highly respected multi-discipline Architecture - Engineering - Land Surveying company. There I learned the crux of what I needed to know to run a successful business of my own - you do the job right the first time, regardless if it impacts your profit margin, or you'll usually end up doing it right the third time, for free. Drawing house floor plans on graph paper ever since I can remember, from the time I obtained a work permit at 12 years old, the AEC world is all I've ever known. I started drafting maps for my father's firm whenever school was not in session, joined the survey field crews at age 16, and was a survey party chief by the time I reached 18. I did take a year off and detoured into nightclub / restaurant management because I was burned out and thought it would be fun, but very quickly returned to AEC. Very very quickly, lol. Every job I've ever had, from the time I was 12 years old, has been in the AEC Industry. Projects ranging from major infrastructure, land development, technology manufacturing, energy transmission, municipal, government, private sector - from the mundane to the high profile high liability - I've been blessed to have such a wide variety of work experiences that have shaped me professionally. ​

Truckee Lake Tahoe City Architect Designer Napa Sonoma Building Permit Plan Drafting

TAHOE YEARS: ​​After spending the first half of life earning my stripes on the east coast, I arrived on the north shore of Tahoe in November 1998 looking to satisfy my inner adrenaline junkie with endless powder to ride and mountain bike trails to tame. My first job in Tahoe was at Gary McKelvey Architect in Tahoe City. Gary has since passed away, and I miss my mentor every single day - Gary was like a brother to me. There was nothing that man did not know about all things architecture and construction. I am forever grateful to the education and experience gleaned under his watch. Throughout the following years, I was blessed to gain employment at a few of the area's top engineering, architecture and surveying firms, learning the ins and outs of how things are done out west, which is very different than from where I came from. I loved land surveying and engineering, especially the construction side, but my true passion was architecture and residential design, and I knew I had to return to it. When you throw out all of your survey and engineering subscription magazines and buy every issue of Dwell and Architectural Digest, it's pretty obvious what your passion is.

Truckee Lake Tahoe City Architect Designer Napa Sonoma Building CAD Drafting House Plans

WHY MASTRIDICASA EXISTS: ​MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio was established for one reason - to provide an affordable and accessible high-end architecture, design, and construction document service for those that can't, or refuse to afford the $200-$300 an hour design-haus architects. In 2014, with the support of my wife, the decision was made. I made a promise to myself to never make this about "how much money I could make". Offering an excellent design service for an affordable price has always been the cornerstone of MASTRIDICASA. I am confident my 40+ years of AEC experience can and will benefit my clients through the practical application of hands-on experience seeking holistic, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions. The goal is to make every project more efficient than the last, cost less than the last one like it, always seeking to advance the craft, improve the workflow, and develop new procedures to benefit my clients and save them money. Improvement through innovation and implementation drives me. I do this type of work because I LOVE IT. It's true what they say - do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. Going on my ninth year in business, I can safely say this is what I was born to do. I never tire of the challenges, and I look forward to every single day of serving my clients and bringing their design vision to reality. I try and make every project fun for all involved - because designing your space and bringing your vision to life SHOULD BE FUN! And if you're not having fun while you're doing it, you're not doing it right ;)

Truckee Lake Tahoe City Architect Designer Napa Sonoma Building Permit Plan Drafting

PERSONAL LIFE: Very happily married 15 years to my high school sweetheart - a beautiful, amazing and patient woman. We took a 20 year hiatus after high school, and she tracked me down in Lake Tahoe. She brought with her a daughter, and being a father to that little girl brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible. Our little girl is all grown up, and taking the world by storm with her own fierce brand of loyalty, work-ethic and never-compromise-your-principles mindset. She couldn't have made us prouder.

Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Designer Napa Sonoma Building Permit Plans Photo Rendering ARHVIZ CAD Drafting

EXTRACURRICULAR: Since I don't bounce as well as I did as a younger man, my recreational pursuits have shifted a little more towards things that probably won't require frequent flyer miles to the local emergency room. My personal best is six trips in one year - back east there was a nurse that kept a clipboard with my paperwork already filled out in the bottom drawer of her desk just waiting for me - true story. I still love snowboarding and mountain biking, but all the years of dirt jumping, downhilling, and going fast have taken their toll. I consider being able to show up on Monday ready to work and providing for my family my primary responsibility now. As cliche as it sounds, my favorite thing to do now is hang out with my best friend - my wife. We can talk or not talk for hours...

IN CONCLUSION: If you decide you want to learn more about MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio, and how these services can benefit you and your project, all you need to do is get in touch. While I don't say "yes" to every single opportunity, I always take the calls, answer the emails, and will give you my honest opinion of what path I think your project should take. Depending on the project, sometimes you don't actually need an architect or designer to get a building permit... That may sound odd, but it's the truth. I do things a little different than most architects and designers. While I won't give away what all of those things are here, I can promise you this - I do everything I do, the way I do it, in the order I do it, to save you time, money, resources and potential heartache. My goal is to have nothing but satisfied clients, and if that means not making a bunch of money along the way, so be it. I look forward to speaking with you. Sincerely, Douglas A. Mastri Owner MASTRIDICASA Lake Tahoe Architecture + Design Studio

Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Designer Napa Sonoma Building Permit Plans Photo Rendering ARHVIZ CAD Drafting
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