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MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design

Project Archive



The following projects represent a cross-section of the projects MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design has been commissioned to design and prepare building plans and related construction documents for over the past 10 years. These projects are exhibited to give a frame of reference for the types of projects that have been gladly taken on, successfully designed, plans created, and building permits secured for.


In the words of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright...

"Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral"

We're proud of our humble beginnings, and are grateful for every opportunity to advance the craft and serve the public.

Ranging from the smallest bathroom remodels, largest kitchen updates and renovations, garage and living space additions, accessory dwelling units - both detached ADU's and attached to the existing living space, accessory structures, complete interior renovations, extensive modifications to both the interior and exterior, commercial space tenant improvements, and new residential constructions ranging from several hundred thousands of dollars, to the multi-million dollar showcase homes that are the envy of the neighborhood.


There are dozens more in the archive, but finding the time to properly frame and display them all has been a challenge. Your patience and understanding are definitely appreciated.

Note: The first few in the gallery with asterisks have some "before" and "after" pictures supplied by the clients.

Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Residential Designer Building Permit Construction House Plans CAD Drafting Sustainable Design Build Eco-friendly Energy Efficient Green Building Low Carbon Footprint
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