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MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Projects + Designs


Quick disclaimer here...

I am totally guilty of not returning to projects and taking photos of the finished products - there just isn't enough time in the day!


As a micro-sized operation, decisions need to be made on how to remain a great value and profitable. Unfortunately, taking a day or two to schedule, stage, and properly photograph a finished project has just not been in the cards as of late. Hiring a professional photographer is not in the budget either...

Hoping for year 2023 to get some decent camera equipment and finally make some time to visit the projects when they're finished and get some pics.

We'll see ;)

These are just some of the projects MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio has been commissioned to design and prepare building plans and related construction documents for. They are listed here just to give you a frame of reference for the types of projects that have successfully been designed, drafted and building permit secured for.


There are dozens more in the archive, but again, finding the time to properly frame and exhibit them all has been a challenge. Your patience and understanding are definitely appreciated.

35p 201m -5.0x 6500 0 0 -0.10 ACES 0.35 LUT LUT Tone 1.0 1.0 1.0 -1.0 Curves Sharpen 4.0 1

More MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio Works



I'll be adding to this architecture designs by MASTRIDICASA section as time allows. More to come soon!