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Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Residential Designer Building Permit Construction House Plans CAD Drafting Sustainable Design Build Eco-friendly Energy Efficient Green Building Low Carbon Footprint
Tahoe Truckee Architect Residential Sustainable Designer
Architect South Lake Tahoe City Truckee Client Review for MASTRIDICASA Architecture Design Studio Residential Designer House Plans CAD Drafting Building Permit Drawings

As the owner of CMJR Construction, I cannot recommend Doug and his services enough! He is incredibly talented, thorough, and responsive. We have relied on Doug and his expertise to guide us through many large, intricate projects that would have otherwise left us scratching our heads on how to proceed. His renderings are stunning and we are always eager to show our clients what he comes up with! Being able to provide our customers with visuals of the final product of their project is priceless. We would highly recommend MASTRIDICASA for all of your architectural and design needs!

Eric Scott

Current Architecture + Design Projects
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