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Find out a little bit more about the owner-designer behind MASTRIDICASA

South Lake Tahoe City Truckee Architect Residential Designer Sustainable Design
Architect Lake Tahoe City Truckee Client Review for MASTRIDICASA Architecture Design Studio


With a dynamic, versatile and results oriented background, proven accomplishments in a variety of challenging surveying, engineering and architectural assignments spanning both coasts, repeatedly demonstrating the ability to step into new situations and contribute quickly - where the need to analyze for opportunity and organize for results combines with time-tested leadership to improve bottom-line performance.

A high energy and motivational team-building personality developed through forty plus years of hands-on experience with AEC industry leaders, consistently demonstrating an ability to devise creative solutions while remaining systematic in monitoring progress against goals, and the ability to consistently produce the highest quality deliverables with minimal expenditure of resources.

Sunset Walk

Who I am


Husband, father, brother, friend...

Grateful, humbled, truly blessed...

Adventuresome, adrenaline-junkie, a grounded free spirit...

Happiest in the dirt, mud and snow

Relentlessly curious, open-minded, teachable...

Loyal, protector, selfless, provider...

Dedicated, driven, undaunted, indomitable...

Principled, intentional, reliable, responsive...

Dependable, honest, accountable, unfailing...

Man of faith, honor, ethics, and integrity...

A work in progress, in pursuit of excellence.

Ocean View Room

What I do


Pour my heart and soul into everything I do.


Design beautiful, functional, intuitive living spaces that capture the imagination and essence of those who inhabit them, while working together in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Provide bespoke, affordable architecture and design services to all those who seek the very best value in this discipline.

Create the very best construction documents and plan sets that any builder or review agency has ever seen - true works of technical art.

Pay all of the blessings of my life forward for the many opportunities and experiences that have contributed to my success.

I serve at your will and pleasure...

Beautiful Residential Designs South Lake Tahoe City Truckee MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio I LOVE EVERYTHING ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN

Why I do it

For the pure unadulterated LOVE of all things architecture and design - ​all for you and yours...

To make beautiful design affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone who seeks it... no matter their budget.

To enrich lives with breathtaking spaces that satisfy their souls...

A true labor of LOVE... that never seems like work at all.

It's true what they say - do something you LOVE for a living, and you never work a day in your life...

While there are certainly more accomplished designers and celebrated architects than myself...

NONE of them LOVES doing THIS more than ME.

You deserve an amazing space to live in, and I'd LOVE to work with you to make that possible.


Douglas A. Mastri

Owner / Designer

MASTRIDICASA Lake Tahoe Truckee Architecture + Design

Architect South Lake Tahoe City Truckee Client Review for MASTRIDICASA Architecture Design Studio Residential Designer House Plans CAD Drafting Building Permit Drawings

We wanted to build out an unfinished basement area into a second floor of our home in Tahoe City. We hired Doug at MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design to formalize our plans into a permit ready set. Honestly, the process was flawless. Doug was communicative, reliable, prompt, and collaborative -- exactly what we were looking for.

Doug spotted the problem places in the plan and we worked together to redesign them to meet code and flow nicely. The plan check with the county went smoothly. We're so happy we used Doug's services and would enthusiastically recommend him to our friends!

Gregg Seiler

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