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Take a Picture + Make a Sketch
DIY Design Services


...with a little direction, MASTRIDICASA can show you something spectacular!

Custom Home Renovation Architect Plans Lake Tahoe City Truckee

So maybe you have a little home remodel project in mind... Or maybe it's a BIG one...


A complete room make-over, or maybe you want something a little different than the previous homeowner or the builder installed, maybe you're over the same old same old design, and you want to see what a darker cabinet stain, new tile, and an accent wall would do for your space, maybe you've got an enormous crawlspace that's always begged to be improved to a living space...

Let MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio help you get some pretext, a plan, a strategy, and some insight before you start swinging the sledgehammer. Just because it looked great in a magazine or on your favorite design show, does not mean it will look great in your space. It may, or it may not, but it can pay dividends to find out sooner than later.

Modern Kitchen
Interior Design Construction

The question remains -  do you really need to hire a small army of designers, technicians and contractors to start dreaming and getting some solid ideas of what will and won't work in your space?


Honestly, sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. There are complex spaces that don't lend themselves very well to DIY design, and the finished product could be less than spectacular. Accomplished interior designers are worth their weight in gold in these situations.

MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio can work with you to help develop your vision - before you invest your hard earned money in colors and materials that don't work in your space.

Below is an example of the "Design by Sketch" service from MASTRIDICASA.


A contractor called and had a client that wanted to convert an unused space in their garage to a sort of old time "Speak Easy" for his extensive collection of fine spirits.

The contractor measured the space, took some pictures and contacted MASTRIDICASA with the request for a few design options.

Below are some samples MASTRIDICASA produced to show the client. Mind you, this is before the days of superior photo real rendering software, but was considered exceptional for it's time.




The best way to start one of these projects, is with a camera, a tape measure, a pencil and some scrap paper!


With a little help from MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design Studio, you can easily start your own successful design project right now. 

Man Measuring Window
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