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Design Principles

...what processes and principles are implemented to arrive at a finished design that works for YOU, YOUR budget, and YOUR needs?




At MASTRIDICASA Architecture + Design, the focus has always been to create functional, appropriate and intuitive spaces designed around the way a client lives their lives, reflect their unique lifestyle and integrate responsibly, holistically, and sustainably with the surrounding environment, all at a price point that is reasonable and palatable for nearly everyone.


Each unique design manifests organically throughout the process by:

  • listening attentively without presumption

  • establishing a clear vision of the project goals: end user requirements, aesthetics, timeline and budget

  • nurturing a collaborative atmosphere between client, designer, design team consultants and contractor

  • calibration throughout the design-development phase via careful measuring of feedback and critical analysis until the vision is realized

  • drawing on past experiences, current building practices, local wisdom, and understanding the logistics of navigating local jurisdiction review processes.


Every client, every project, every site, every budget... they're all unique, and they all demand a unique solution.


Many architects are only concerned with the architecture, and many engineers are only concerned with the engineering. MASTRIDICASA approaches a project differently, drawing on many years of being a team member collaborating with the various AEC industry disciplines - from being the person on the ground actually laying out and building the project, to being the project manager responsible for "herding the cats". Too narrow a focus can drive a project in the wrong direction very quickly. Too broad of an overview can lead to designs that never remedied the immediate needs and requirements for the project to begin with.

Looking to some of the great architects for some inspiration and time-tested advice is always a good exercise for any designer.

These wise words from iconic architects and designers form the foundation from which every project is designed...

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